T.A.J The Stolen Pearl
T.A.J 2 Shut up, the Princess of Faith
T.A.J 3 Fiesta with BigButt bootin'
T.A.J.4 United against
T.A.J.5 The overcasting shadow
T.A.J.6 The awful bullies VS Ricky the mouse and his cronies
T.A.J.7 The final battle
T.A.J.8 Running away
T.A.J.9 Trying to defeat
T.A.J.10 Somewhat in the Caves
T.A.J 11 Revenge of the House
T.A.J 12 Attack of the sock-monster
T.A.J 13 Haunting Ricky Ricotta's robot with Harry Potter's broomstick
T.A.J 14 The Golden Snitch
T.A.J 15 Killing mess
T.A.J 16 Typhoon destroyal
T.A.J 17 Undefeatable defeated
T.A.J 18 Shut up, the Prince of Faith
T.A.J 19 The Suffering Stocks
T.A.J 20 An awful whipping


1. What does TAJ stand for?

Answer: Tragically Attacking Jerks

2. What is the final T.A.J?

Answer: T.A.J 50 Goodbye for now! for now! AND there's more!

3. Who is Choi-Sum-Laamb-Chop?

Answer: C.L.Y's guardian angel, very nice, good and honourable. SHE should be the Student Leader of replacing real C.L.Y and changing her name to a better one. She thinks her name is hilarious and when other people laugh about it, she also laughs.
P.S. Real C.L.Y. is !#$)_!#$%^&*((

4. Are CLY and PoF the same person?

Answer: No, but when CLY died PoF honoured her as the best lady-in-waiting ever and took the "Non-Royal" medicine and changed her name to C.L.Y.

5. Why is a T.A.J story on Lewis' page?

Answer: Who cares!? It is the first one and a bit funny. and YOU DONT WANNA KNOW 'BOUT IT BECAUSE I CALL THE POLICE I TELL YOU AR!